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New MSC Support Platform launched by Churchill Knight

New MSC Support Platform launched by Churchill Knight

Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd has launched a new MSC Support Platform for contractors who feel isolated and without support during HMRC’s MSC investigation.

Last year (2022), HMRC sent thousands of notices to UK based contractors that it deemed to be operating Managed Services Companies (MSC) during the 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 tax years. As a result, these company directors have faced significant tax and NI bills.

Churchill Knight has been providing its impacted clients with support from the beginning, as confirmed by a quote on the MSC Support Platform website:

“We believe that HMRC has entirely misinterpreted the MSC legislation, and we strongly deny being involved with our accountancy clients as a Managed Service Company Provider. Throughout this investigation, we’re offering around the clock support to our impacted clients and have built an online system to help them throughout the appeals process.”

For a fixed fee of £700 (excluding VAT), members of the MSC Support Platform will have access to ongoing help from the Churchill Knight team, as well as a series of FAQs, historical updates, a private forum and assistance regarding complex legislation.

Churchill Knight say the following about the MSC Support Platform, which is open to registrants now:

“While we are doing everything we can to support our clients through this difficult time, we are deeply concerned that limited company directors not using our services have been effectively deserted and left to face these challenging times alone.”

“After many discussions with industry stakeholders, we have invested significant time and resources developing the MSC Support Platform – a system designed to provide everyone impacted by the MSC investigation (non-Churchill clients) with all the information they need to move forward with complete knowledge and confidence for a low, one-off cost.”

“There is a tremendous amount of information to take on board, and the MSC Support Platform is designed to break all of this down in easy to understand sections – as well as offering a comprehensive support system where those who register can message us directly and receive quick responses to any questions they have.”

HMRC’s investigation into Managed Service Companies has been a hot topic and has made headlines on well-known publications including Financial Times, Accountancy Age and Contractor Weekly.

Churchill Knight has provided contractor accountancy and additional payroll services since 1998 and is one of the most established providers in the sector. However, they are not the only company being investigated.

The MSC investigation has certainly shocked stakeholders and the “ambiguous” nature of HMRC’s approach, as described by Seb Maley, Chief Executive of Qdos, means that HMRC could go after tens of thousands of contractors with a PSC and many additional contractor accountancy providers.

If you are a contractor with a PSC and you are planning on registering to the MSC Support Platform, please share your experience with us and our readers by commenting below.

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