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8 things that will happen before lockdown ends (hopefully) on 21st June 2021

8 things that will happen before lockdown ends (hopefully) on 21st June 2021

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we all remember what happened days before Christmas. However, Boris Johnson has announced an exit strategy from the third UK national lockdown, and the end may be in sight! We will now be entering a four-step system to leave lockdown and return to normality, but there’s a long way to go. Here are some things for us to look forward to.

The Chancellor will deliver his March Budget

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will be unveiling the March Budget (Wednesday 3rd March), where he is rumoured to be ready to increase corporation tax to recuperate the billions of pounds lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. While the March Budget is likely to be full of concerning announcements and strategies to generate more taxes etc. – at least it should have a positive spin – because it’s targeting the months ahead as we ease out of lockdown – hopefully for good.

Schools open (Monday 8th March) – step 1

Schools will be opening on Monday 8th March and activities after school will be permitted. Secondary school and college students will be required to take two COVID-19 tests each week. Universities will open their doors for students who need on-site leaning. Students who can learn from home will be required to continue learning in this way.

The second phase of step 1 will roll out on Monday 29th March. Six people or two households will be allowed to meet outside, outdoor sports facilities will open (golf courses included), and travel outside of local areas will be permitted.

Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day)

Don’t forget Mothering Sunday! This year, it falls on Sunday 14th March. If you’re lucky enough to be able to spend it with your mum, or you’re planning a delivery – make sure the date is in your diary. Here’s a recommendation from us – we’ve used eflorist before and have loved the flowers.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday in 2021 will fall on Sunday 4th April. Remarkably, this will be our second Easter in lockdown, and if we’re honest – it seems to pass us by last year. Therefore, with good tidings ahead – treat yourself and your loved ones to an Easter surprise this year.

Haircuts and retail therapy (Monday 12th April) – step 2

Providing things go as the government plan, hairdressers and non-essential retail and personal care facilities (including gyms) will be opening! No more home haircut disasters, and hopefully, deliverymen and women around the country can put their feet up for a well-earned break – as people return to the shops.

May Bank Holiday (Monday 3rd May 2021)

The highly-treasured May Bank Holiday will not be completely going to waste. With pubs expected to open their doors again in March or April 2021, there is a chance we’ll be allowed out for a couple of beverages (socially distanced – of course). Either way, let’s hope the weather is excellent and we’re allowed to spend the weekend with at least a couple of loved ones!

Hotels will open (Monday 17th May) – step 3

Providing step 1 and 2 go to plan, step 3 (Monday 17th May) will see indoor hospitality open up (including hotels), most outdoor rules will be relaxed further, and six people and two households can meet indoors.

Euro 2020 kicks off a year late

On Saturday 12th June 2021, Euro 2020 is scheduled to kick-off a year later than planned. The first game in the famous tournament is Turkey versus Italy, and it’s going to be shown on the BBC.

Come on England!


Stay safe everyone!

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